RA Prof. Dr. Sick
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sick

Personal Issues of the Founder

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sick, born 1957, Attorney-at-Law and Mediator

Working languages: German


Study of law and PhD at the university of Tübingen

Training as Junior Barrister at the District Court of Ulm/Donau

Career Development

1986-1991 Counselor in the legal department of Ferrostaal AG, Essen
1991 Admission to the Bar
1991-1993 Head of the Legal Department and member of the Management of Krupp Industrietechnik GmbH, Duisburg (also responsible for the patent and the insurance departments)
1994-2004 Member of the Management of Ericsson GmbH, Düsseldorf (as Head of the Legal Department, partially with international responsibility and additional areas of business responsibility)
2004-2006 President of Ericsson GmbH, Düsseldorf
since 1st July 2006 Owner of the Law Firm Dr. Sick, Dorsten (founded already 1991)
since 2009 Managing Partner of Professor Dr. Sick Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

In addition to the above functions several mandates as member of the Supervisory Board, member of the Board of Directors of a benevolent fund for an enterprise related pension scheme, member of the Board of Directors of BITKOM e.V., member of the Board of Trustees of a non profit making limited company and member of the Board of Directors of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

Business Travels

Extensive business travels for contract negotiations to and within

Teaching Appointments

Honorary Professor in the faculty of Business Law at Westfälische Hochschule (Universitiy of Applied Sciences) with teaching activities related to the subjects drafting of contracts, negotiation technique, mediation and corporate law
Appointment as lecturer for the education of business mediators
Seminars as Attorney-at-Law for various subjects
Inhouse education of employees for various subjects

Appointments as Lecturer and Publications

Numerous lectures on drafting of contracts, corporate law, mediation and negotiation techniques

Numerous publications (4 books and many contributions on different subjects to different scientific periodicals)

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